(CNN) U.N. Security Council slaps Boko Haram with sanctions

The U.N. Security Council approved sanctions Thursday against Nigeria’s Boko Haram.

It added the terrorist group to the United Nation’s 1267 sanctions list, a list of al Qaeda-linked organizations subject to arms embargoes, travel bans and asset freezes.

“Today, the Security Council took an important step in support of the government of Nigeria’s efforts to defeat Boko Haram and hold its murderous leadership accountable for atrocities,” said Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

“By adding Boko Haram to the U.N.’s 1267 sanctions list, the Security Council has helped to close off important avenues of funding, travel and weapons to Boko Haram, and shown global unity against their savage actions,” she added.

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2 comments on “(CNN) U.N. Security Council slaps Boko Haram with sanctions

  1. Capt. Father Warren says:

    Oh my, I had to rush over to the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1.

  2. Charles52 says:

    Something is better than nothing, and this is something. So now, track down their funding sources and seize their assets. Of course, that’s likely to Saudi Arabia, which somehow seems to get a free pass on this sort of thing.