(Tablet) Fears that push for abortion to be included in next Millennium Development Goals

Concern is growing that access to abortion may be included in the 15-year UN development programme that will replace the Millennium Development Goals from the end of next year.

Cafod has said it will be unable to giving 100 per cent backing to the new goals, currently in draft form, which already contain a commitment to grant universal access to sexual and reproductive health.

The 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals will replace the eight existing goals, with the primary aim to end poverty by 2030, and contain for the first time a direct reference to women. The fifth goal currently reads: “Attain gender equality, empower women and girls everywhere.”

The accompanying text, still in draft form, includes bringing an end to female genital mutilation, as well as a commitment to “ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.” Pro-choice groups such as Marie Stopes International ”“ who received £41.5 million in Government funding this year ”“ are campaigning for a dedicated target on sexual and reproductive health and rights under the current health goal.

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