(Scotsman) Boy, 5, sent invoice after birthday party no-show

It should have been a fun ­occasion ”“ a boy’s birthday party at a tobogganing centre, ­complete with tea and balloons.

But the event has now turned into the focus of a public row between two families after the mother of the boy holding the party sent a formal invoice to the parents of his friend Alex for a “party no-show fee”.

The document, which included an invoice number, charged Tanya Walsh and Derek Nash £15.95 for the cost of their five-year-old son’s non-attendance at the event, held during the Christmas holidays.

And the Nashes are now being threatened with action at the small claims court if they refuse to pay up, while the mother of the birthday boy has banned her son from ever playing with Alex again.

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4 comments on “(Scotsman) Boy, 5, sent invoice after birthday party no-show

  1. Terry Tee says:

    This news item has produced shoals of articles in the UK press about the minefield that children’s parties have now become. See for example:

    When did enjoyment of ordinary life become so competitive and so complicated?

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:


  3. MichaelA says:

    Are the family chasing the money Scots?

    [Disclaimer: any allegations that the preceding sentence contains insinuations or imputations about my ancestors is completely false]

  4. Dan Crawford says:

    Mrs. Lawrence’s behavior is reminiscent of the behavior of a certain American Episcopalian Presiding Bishop.