(Telegraph) Christopher Howse–Mozarabic chant in deepest Suffolk

I found myself in St Edmundsbury Cathedral last week just before they were to sing Evensong. So I stayed, and I’m glad I did.

Apart from anything else, a good way to appreciate a building is to see it put to the use it was designed for. As the church of St James, it was completed at the beginning of the 16th century by John Wastell, the designer of Bell Harry, the great tower of Canterbury Cathedral. As the cathedral of the diocese centred on Bury St Edmunds, it was not finished until 2005.

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One comment on “(Telegraph) Christopher Howse–Mozarabic chant in deepest Suffolk

  1. Katherine says:

    I can’t identify this chant by the clues given here. Is it in the 1940 or 1982 hymnals (US)?