A Ch of Ireland Gazette Editorial on the Anglican Church in North America

For background on this please see the 4 posts on ACNA and the C of I on October 12th listed there–KSH.

Over recent weeks, we have published letters on the subject of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and the Church of Ireland’s relationship with that Church (Gazette, 2nd, 9th & 16th October; also this week, page 10). ACNA came into being as a denomination in 2009, in particular following disagreement over the theological direction of The Episcopal Church (TEC) in the United States. It is probably fair to say that both ACNA and TEC would describe each other as ”˜breakaway’, ACNA taking the view that TEC had departed from orthodox Anglican teaching, especially over human sexuality, and TEC taking the view that ACNA had separated itself. One could debate that particular question until the proverbial cows come home.

Last month, the Gazette asked the Church of Ireland for an indication as to whether or not it is in communion with ACNA. We published the response in our issue of 2nd October and do so again here for the sake of convenience: “As a Province of the Anglican Communion, the Church of Ireland is in communion with the other Churches or Provinces in the Communion. There has not been a definitive position taken by the Church of Ireland in respect of any Church that has emerged from structural changes or divisions in another Church or Province in the Communion ”“ as in the case of the Anglican Church in North America and The Episcopal Church. Following the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for a gathering of Primates in January 2016, it seems likely that a period of discernment will ensue to determine the ways in which Churches within the Anglican Communion and other Churches in an Anglican tradition relate to one another and that this is likely to take considerable time.”

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2 comments on “A Ch of Ireland Gazette Editorial on the Anglican Church in North America

  1. MotherViolet says:

    It seems that ACNA is de facto in communion with The Church of Ireland.

  2. MichaelA says:

    “It certainly would seem from its Theological Statement (http://anglicanchurch.net/?/main/page/about-acna) that ACNA is indeed in agreement with the principles of the Church of Ireland’s 1870 Declaration and it would therefore seem to follow that we are committed to maintaining communion with ACNA.”

    Of course it would. Now CofI has to have the moral courage to follow through with that. Some of its members certainly do, but what about the others?