A Letter from ACNA leader Foley Beach on the Upcoming Primates Gathering

I have been asked many times why I am going. Firstly, as a group the GAFCON Primates all decided together that we would attend in good faith and see if there is a possibility of restoring order to the structures of the Anglican Communion.

Secondly, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, invited me in good faith, and like my brother Primates, I am going in good faith.

Thirdly, the Anglican Church in North America is now a Partner Province of the Global South who are also planning to attend.

Fourthly, to not attempt to bring godly order and unity to the Church would be a sin against the Lord and His bride.

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5 comments on “A Letter from ACNA leader Foley Beach on the Upcoming Primates Gathering

  1. Jackson says:

    I hope the have the strength to pull out of there if the meeting turns south. If they stay there for the meeting and come out of it with a unenforceable agreement, then it will do a huge disservice to the gospel.

  2. Katherine says:

    Beach: “It is really not about me or about the Anglican Church in North America. It is the reputation of Jesus Christ. It is the souls of millions of people who are being taught a false Gospel and are being led into spiritual and sexual bondage under the pretense of the Christian Faith. It is about the third largest expression of the Christian Faith being able to unite and bring Christian hope and godliness in the face of violent opposition all around the globe.” Well said, and may God go with you, Bishop.

  3. Ross Gill says:

    Actually, #1, if the meeting turns south as in towards the south, that may not be such a bad thing. 😉

  4. Ralph says:

    Repentance is a great objective, but for it to be genuine there first has to be acknowledgement of sin. I suspect that the TEC leadership are so blinded by sin that they believe they’re right and others (and Holy Scripture) are wrong.

    So, I pray that God will open their eyes.

  5. Jackson says:

    #3 – You are right on….great witty response