Gafcon Statement on TEC Voting in Lusaka

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The agreement from the January Primates meeting in 2016 was broken when The Episcopal Church (TEC) took part in decision making on issues pertaining to polity and doctrine in Lusaka. Equally damaging, was an attempt by the Anglican Communion Office to deny the fact by claiming that, technically, the process included no formal votes. This is sophistry.

The Primates agreement in January was never limited to the narrow issue of the method of voting. It said that “[The Episcopal Church] will not to take part in decision making on issues pertaining to polity or doctrine.” [Primates 2016 Communique]
Whether a meeting uses a consensus model, or a voice vote, or paper ballots, or electronic ballots is of no relevance. The Episcopal Church was not to take part in decision making on issues pertaining to polity or doctrine. They did.

As the GAFCON Primates Council has said: “The future of the Anglican Communion does not lie with manipulations, compromises, legal loopholes, or the presentation of half-truths; the future of our Communion lies in humble obedience to the truth of the Word of God written.” [Gafcon Primates Communique, April 2016]

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9 comments on “Gafcon Statement on TEC Voting in Lusaka

  1. David Keller says:

    So, are they going to the meeting?

  2. Jeff Walton says:

    Good statement. While I favored the GAFCON primates participation in the last Canterbury gathering, I hope they don’t participate in the upcoming one. There is no reason to go and deliberate, when you know that Abp Welby has absolutely no intention of implementing whatever is decided upon.

  3. Katherine says:

    I agree with Jeff Walton. They went last year, and their decisions were not implemented. There is no reason to expect Canterbury to respect them more this time around; in fact, if they go, it will be a sign that they accept being played.

  4. tjmcmahon says:

    I disagree with the current sentiment here. I think the Primates should go- if only because the ABoC is clearly trying to split Gafcon from the other GS provinces, and weaken the resolve of the other GS primates. Therefore, my recommendation would be:
    1. Make agenda recommendations in the form of public rather than private communications- so that the Lambeth functionaries cannot manipulate it.
    2. Item 1 on the agenda should be the task force report.
    3. The next item on the agenda should be the immediate removal of Michael Curry from the Primates meeting, as this is required by the previous agreement and communique, as doctrine, polity and order will be on the balance of the agenda. And because he made a personal commitment to “walk together,” which included abiding by the “consequences” enumerated in the communique, and then reneged on the agreement.
    4. Discuss the task force report, if there is one.
    5. If the task force report has not recommended an acceptable solution, vote on a motion similar to the one put forward by ++Uganda at the last “gathering” and see if you do not get more than 15 votes this time around.
    6. Whether that succeeds or not, put forward a motion to limit Lambeth invitations of bishops in TEC, ACoC, Wales and Scotland (and elsewhere) to those who have not allowed gay marriage in their dioceses, with the understanding that if the ABoC reneges again, an alternate, simultaneous meeting will be held in the Global South.
    7. Consider a votes of “no confidence” in the ABoC for “misrepresenting” his willingness to enforce the previous agreement, and in the ACO, for their manipulation of facts and misrepresentation of TEC and ACO compliance.
    8. Require that the minutes and votes within the “gathering” are made public by including them in the addenda of the communique.

    Now, is most of that symbolic? Yes, it is. But if they go this route, at least it cuts through the Anglican fudge. The Primates will be on record, with a vote on whether TEC goes to Lambeth, and there is no way to fudge that- either the TEC bishops get invited, or they don’t. They might also include a recommendation that suffragan and retired bishops be limited, because in the past, this has been an openly racist method of overloading Lambeth with a bunch of liberal caucasians. TEC has more bishops per Anglican than any other province- Its HoB is the size of Nigeria’s, with 1/10 the number of active members.

  5. Luke says:

    #4 – some thoughts on your recommendations:
    1. Lambeth has proven over and over again that it can manipulate anything.
    2. Publicity on proposed agenda items will not force ABC to set up his agenda in any fashion other than how he chooses.
    3. There’s no way in God’s green pastures that the ECUSA leader will not be included in the attendees. This is a pipe dream.
    5. And if you don’t? What then?
    6. Such a motion will be ignored.
    7. See #6.
    8. Impossible to do if ABC doesn’t want it done.
    Lastly, the “official” record will show only what ABC wishes it to show.

  6. Katherine says:

    I regret disagreeing with #4, I truly do. It’s simply that I think there is no way the “Anglican Communion” can be restored. We should pray for repentance and return to the faith by those who have left it, but we ought not to work any more with structures now being used to undermine the faith.

    Perhaps the failure of these efforts might cause +Welby to look clearly at the direction he’s heading and where he’s taking his church. We can pray for that.

  7. Luke says:

    Yes, we can pray for that…

    And, we can pray for President Trump to think before he acts, too…


  8. Katherine says:

    Luke, I prayed for Obama when he was president, and I’m praying for Trump, too. Who needs prayer more than the President of the United States?

  9. Luke says:

    Thanks, Katherine, I’m quite sure you do, just as we do each Sunday…but, I think you understand my meaning.