Fulcrum Response to GAFCON 2018

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3 comments on “Fulcrum Response to GAFCON 2018

  1. Pageantmaster ن‎ says:

    On what authority, and by what processes of discernment, does the substantial authority come, which the GAFCON Primates’ Council claims for itself, to define what is a Province of the Anglican Communion?

    God, the Holy Spirit?

    and so on…

    Prayers for the Communion Partners bishops. Looks like the final rout is in at this General Convention, notwithstanding all that guff about LUUURVVV [manic wave hands in air] from PB Curry in his rambling rant in Windsor recently.

  2. Fr. Dale says:

    Hello Pageantmaster good to see a comment from you.
    Maybe a quick read of James would help PB Curry. Talk is cheap. I say that as our former properties continue to be sold off. The statement from KJS that TEC wanted to “…preserve the legacy of TEC still rings hollow. Bishop Dan M. argued against the new BCP b/c of the cost. What a poor rationale. What did it cost TEC to get the unjust judgements?

  3. Pageantmaster ن‎ says:

    Hello, Fr Dale. Good to hear from you too.

    I am sorry to hear that about your church homes; though as you say, TEC has wrecked its finances to do it. Poor stewardship driven out of fear. To what end?

    I am very struck that those who have, sometimes through circumstances with little alternative thrown themselves on God’s mercy and provision, are not disappointed but indeed deeply blessed and provided for. They sometimes end up like Fr Matt Kennedy’s congregation, in a larger and better provisioned facility with a growing congregation; thanks to God and those who He directs. God honors those who honor him, and the evidence is all around.

    But one sees, like the persecuted Christians of Northern Nigeria, that the narrow path is a hard one – God bless you and your diocese, as well as the wonderful diocese of South Carolina and all those who faithfully take it.