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The Langham Partnership International Statement of Faith

The Langham Partnership International is committed to the fundamental truths of historic biblical Christianity, in accordance with which we affirm….

Take a guess as to what is in there before you read it all.

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Open Thread: What has been the most encouraging thing to happen in your parish in the last year?

Please note carefully the wording. We are assuming you are worshipping somewhere–what has happened there that has most lifted your heart in the last year? Specifics and details help it to be more interesting for others–KSH.

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Canadian Catholics should plan for a larger future

Our surveys show that 98 per cent of weekly-attending Quebec Catholics are not open to switching to other religions, only marginally higher than the 97 per cent figure for those who attend monthly through never.

Similarly, evangelical Protestant denominations ”” including Baptist, Pentecostal, Alliance, Christian Reformed and Mennonite groups – have constituted a small but durable collective core of some eight per cent of the population over time. They too have benefitted from immigration from diverse parts of the globe…

…the restructuring of religion in the country is seeing Roman Catholics and evangelicals emerge as the dominant Christian players, with mainline Protestants experiencing a diminishing role in Canadian religious life.

Read it all.

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