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Charles Baldwin's sermon from Last Sunday Night–“The Unexpected Miracle”

This “unexpected miracle” was not a one time event that made it into the Bible. Desperate mothers, and fathers, have been calling out to the Lord, and He has done the “unexpected miracle” over and over again.

One of my favorite “unexpected miracle” stories comes out of World War II. The mother was the wife of a Free Methodist pastor. She did her best to raise her children in the church to know and follow Christ. But when he was in high school, Jacob, her son, turned his back on the church walked away from God. He joined the newly formed Army Air Corp and became a bombardier on the B-25 Liberator.

In April 1942, Lt Col Jimmy Doolittle gathered the crews of sixteen B-25’s to go on a top secret mission. The B-25 had never flown off an aircraft carrier before. Giant cranes loaded the bombers on to the USS Hornet and the famous Doolittle Raiders were on there way. The mission was so secret that the crews could not tell their families where they were going, which, of course, caused great concern for the families.

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Local Paper Front Page–South Carolina Unemployment rate rising again

This July was no better than the last for South Carolina job-seekers, and the unemployment rate is rising again.

Across the state and in the greater Charleston area, joblessness is back up to about where it was last summer. South Carolina is now tied with Michigan for third-highest unemployment rate in the nation, behind housing meltdown epicenters Nevada and California.

“It doesn’t give you a lot of hope,” said West Ashley resident Mary Catherine James, 51, who has been job-hunting since April. “It’s very stressful.”

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