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[ENS] Canada: Pollesel election in Uruguay ratified

[Pollesel] credited last January’s visit and subsequent report by the Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon, Anglican Communion general secretary, as having allowed the diocese and the province to “find a way out of being stuck.” Zavala decided to invite a small delegation from the diocese to attend part of the Southern Cone’s House of Bishops meeting, a recommendation in the Kearon report.

“At the face-to-face meeting I believe we were able to bring down some defensive walls that had been built and also build some bridges of understanding and reconciliationâ„¢,” said Pollesel. “We’re not there yet. But we’re certainly moving in a good direction.”
Pollesel resigned as general secretary of the Anglican Church of Canada in 2011 and later became interim priest-in-charge at Toronto’s St. Nicholas Church, Birch Cliff.

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[Vatican Radio] Bergoglio's Intervention: A diagnosis of the problems in the Church

…Put simply, there are two images of the Church: Church which evangelizes and comes out of herself, the Dei Verbum religiose audiens et fidente proclamans; and the worldly Church, living within herself, of herself, for herself. This should shed light on the possible changes and reforms which must be done for the salvation of souls…

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A Prayer for Maundy Thursday

O Lord Jesus Christ, who in the garden didst teach us, by word and example, to pray, that we might overcome the perils of temptation: Graciously grant that we, always continuing in prayer, may gain abundantly the fruit thereof, and be partakers of thy victory; who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end.

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From the Morning Bible Readings

For the LORD will build up Zion, he will appear in his glory; he will regard the prayer of the destitute, and will not despise their supplication.

–Psalm 102:16-17

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Rump Standing Committee Bulletin – Day 3

Anglican Alliance turned into English Company – Not enough listening to spirits in IASCUFO report on Communion Instruments decision-making – Standing Committee now makes decisions for Church of England diocese – Claims that Bible in Life of Church Project not just to be a report on peoples’ shelves – ACO has quarter of a million pounds drop in budget – Statements and support from Anglican Communion helpful to member churches.

The final day of the Standing Committee (Tuesday) began with a presentation on the Anglican Alliance ”“ Development, Relief and Advocacy’s new status as a charitable company. The committee was told that primate of the Church of the Province of Central Africa Archbishop Albert Chama is to be the Chair of Trustees of the company
Director for Unity, Faith and Order Canon Dr Alyson Barnett-Cowan then delivered a short report on the work of her department since November 2012. She said that, following a submission by the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity Faith and Order (IASCUFO) to the Anglican Consultative Council on the Instruments of Communion, “what we’ve heard from the ACC itself is that it was a fine piece of background, but not creative enough. Now we need to provoke IASCUFO to think more creatively about how the Communion can discern the work of the Spirit”.

A paper submitted to the Standing Committee by Dr Barnett-Cowan included a paragraph that read: “The Instruments all developed in particular contents in response to issues before the churches of the Anglican Communion. Their structures and ways of working reflected contemporary patterns of ways in which people meet and try to come to a common mind. What are the best models, now, of how Christians discern the leading of the Spirit? How might the Anglican Communion best incorporate these ways of working?”
The committee was asked to elect a person in episcopal orders to serve with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London in the appointment of the diocesan bishop of the Church of England Diocese in Europe. After voting the committee appointed an Archbishop from Nigeria. The name will be made available once that person has been informed.
Stephen Lyon presented to the committee on the next phase on The Bible in the Life of the Church project. He asked what the legacy of the project would be: “Are we hoping that the legacy of what we’ve done goes deeper than just a report on people’s shelves?”

He believed that, for the project to really make an impact it needed to be embedded in the life of the Communion. He highlighted two major challenges for this project and others facilitated from the Anglican Communion Office:
”¢ Visibility ”“ how do Anglicans everywhere hear and understand about key Communion projects?
”¢ Viability ”“ how do we guarantee resources for such key projects?
Secretary General of the Anglican Communion Kenneth Kearon echoed Mr Lyon’s points by explaining that the work of the Anglican Communion Office in particular has continued despite a quarter of a million pounds drop in budget.
Bishop Samuel Azariah said joint statements from the Anglican Communion were very helpful, but appealed for greater assistance from Churches of the Anglican Communion to get access to governments around the world to talk about issues affecting Christians on the ground. Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak agreed that Anglican Communion support was vital for the Church’s work addressing conflict in the countries of Sudan and South Sudan.

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