Father John Flynn: Unchurched Young Adults

How to attract young people to Christianity is a topic on the mind of just about every church leader today. It’s no secret that a large number of young adults don’t belong to any church, but that doesn’t mean they are insensible to religion, according to a recent book.

In “Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches That Reach Them,” (B and H Publishing Group), Ed Stezzer, Richie Stanley and Jason Hayes, look at “the twentysomethings” and how some churches are striving to make contact with a generation notoriously reluctant to commit itself to institutional religion.

In their study they looked at the unchurched, dividing them into various categories for the purpose of their analysis. There were some who were never involved in any church, those who left the practice of religion after childhood, and those who are either friendly or hostile to churches. It’s not a study based on any one Christian church, but rather a look at how young adults interact with Christianity.

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