William Pesek on the G-20: Ten Signs There's No Adult in This Economic Room

Kevin Rudd may be happy about at least one thing: he can avoid Toronto this weekend.

Nothing against Canada’s business capital, but by stepping down suddenly as Australia’s premier, Rudd got himself out of a much-hyped gathering with virtually no chance of putting the world economy on a more even keel.

Why is that? We are suffering from a chronic leadership vacuum, one starkly underlined by Rudd’s untimely departure. The Group of 20 will go through the motions and consider the burning issues of our day. Yet the list of pressing problems is a daunting one….

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One comment on “William Pesek on the G-20: Ten Signs There's No Adult in This Economic Room

  1. Sick & Tired of Nuance says:

    He lost me at his first point…

    “Rudd wasn’t done in by his ambitious plans for a carbon-trading system and a tax on excessive mining profits. His failure was not communicating his ideas to a skeptical population.”

    It isn’t a failure to understand the idea that leads to its rejection by sane people. It is understanding a swindle when they see it!