WikiLeaks: Vatican, Israel and North Korea in firing line as disclosures to continue 'for months'

A journalist working closely with WikiLeaks says that secret documents about the Vatican and the volatile territories of North Korea and Israel are to be made public soon.

Read and watch it all.


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3 comments on “WikiLeaks: Vatican, Israel and North Korea in firing line as disclosures to continue 'for months'

  1. Br. Michael says:

    Actually WikiLeaks should make its own sources public. It is the height of hypocrisy to expose others secrets while maintaining one’s own. How the press and this organization can claim the moral high ground to expose others sources of information thereby shutting them down and claim that their own sources are sacrosanct is galling in the extreme.

    If they claim that they have to protect the identity of their sources to protect them and so that their own sources of information won’t dry up, they prove my point. It’s a double standard that operates to their own benefit.

  2. Pb says:

    The New York Times would not print the “climategate” e mails because they were stolen. They had no problem with WikiLeaks.

  3. magnolia says:

    perhaps you are right no.2 but i think the mainstream media has done a fine job in confusing the public about climate change by giving oil backed sceptics a platform, they have infused just enough doubt to make sure absolutely nothing gets done.

    what i don’t understand is how the govt couldn’t hack the wikileaks website and bring it down before the whole thing exploded. furthermore i don’t know why they cannot locate the head guy and arrest him. what does that say about our intelligence agencies??
    they need to get on the stick, seriously. this is terrible.