Blast Awakens Egyptians to Threat From Religious Strife

A deadly suicide bomb attack outside a Christian church in Alexandria on Saturday has forced the government and religious leaders here to acknowledge that Egypt is increasingly plagued by a sectarian divide that could undermine the stability that has been a hallmark of President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly three decades in power.

As Egypt’s Christians headed to church under heavy security Thursday night to observe Coptic Christmas Eve, the nation was struggling to come to terms with a blast that killed at least 21 people, highlighted a long list of public grievances with the government and prompted concerns that national cohesion was being threatened by the spread of religious extremism among Muslims and Christians.

“I have heard this a lot, that this type of incident might be the first in a series, turning Egypt into another Iraq ”” that is the fear now,” said Ibrahim Negm, the chief spokesman for Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, the nation’s highest religious official. “There is a paradigm shift here that says we have to do something about the sectarian issue.”

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3 comments on “Blast Awakens Egyptians to Threat From Religious Strife

  1. LumenChristie says:

    “Sectarian divide” “Sectarian issue” This is Moslem on Christian violence — unprovoked attack on people peaceful attending their worship. Why does the press NEVER identify an attack as an attack or outright persecution as persecution? They are certainly ready to do so when Hindus or Buddhists or Jews are on the receiving end.

    Why? Because in the minds of many individuals in the journalistic community, the Christians have it coming.

  2. St. Nikao says:

    The ‘blast’ on Saturday was not an isolated single incident, but part of a pattern of assaults against Christians and other ethnic groups by Moslems that have been increasing and spreading globally. Hindus have also stepped up their persecutions of Christians.

  3. St. Nikao says:

    There is some good news (thousands of muslims turned out in Egypt, including Mubarak’s two sons, to act as human shields to protect Copts at their worship services).

    And some bad news (in Iran, it appears they are rounding up Christians).

    Hat tip – The Anchoress.