Diocese of South Carolina Convention Today

Both important resolutions passed [for the second time as required] on the necessary vote by orders by more than the specified 2/3 vote margin necessary for their passage.

The Bishop’s address focused on church vitality, church planting, stewardship, and our collective future–KSH.


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4 comments on “Diocese of South Carolina Convention Today

  1. saints says:

    Any information on Standing Committee and Counsel elections today in Beaufort?

  2. D a v i d + says:

    Lay elected to Standing committee
    Mr. Ed Mitman
    Mrs. Suzanne Schwank

    Clergy elected to Standing Committee
    The Very Rev. Ed Kelaher
    The Rev. Greg Snyder

    for biographical sketches go to http://www.diosc.com/sys/images/documents/11_nom_w3.pdf

  3. SC blu cat lady says:

    Yes, David+ is correct about who was elected to the Standing Committee. One funny moment was when Rev. Jeff Miller, current president of the Standing Committee and rector of our host parish, St Helena’s Beaufort, said “Praise God!” when election results were announced as that meant he was going off the committee and the committee would need to elect a new president. 😉

    I believe Diocesan Council elections were by vote of acclimation as there were just enough people to fill the positions. I would have check my notes to make sure.

  4. SC blu cat lady says:

    OOOPS! My mistake. Diocesan Council positions were filled by election. Clergy elected to Diocesan Council are Rev. Greg Smith and Rev. Dagnall Free. Laity elected to Diocesan Council are Mrs. Margie William and Mrs Alesia Flores. For a wonderful article and more election results go to [url=http://www.diosc.com/sys/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=324:220th-convention-focuses-on-growth-expansion-and-the-gospel-resolutions-pass&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=75]2011 Convention article[/url] at the Diocese of SC website.