(WSJ) Small Tech Gets Religion

When Jim Elliston, a former nondenominational pastor, decided to start a technology company in 2007, he turned to a customer he knew best””the church””to win initial business.

Mr. Elliston says his firm, Clover Sites Inc., of Newbury Park, Calif., has since sold its website templates and Web-hosting services to more than 4,500 churches in the U.S. He also counts those institutions’ members among his company’s clientele, crediting referrals for providing a steady stream of leads.

He started out promoting his business by placing an ad in a booklet for an annual church-leader conference. From there, he says the business started growing through word of mouth. Some 95% of his business now comes from churches.

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One comment on “(WSJ) Small Tech Gets Religion

  1. Chris says:

    I’m proud to be associated with the St. Helena’s Beaufort site – http://sthelenas1712.org. It is not a template however like Clover Sites does. And they are happy with it….