Americans see U.S. on wrong track: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Americans’ confidence in the way the country is going has slumped to a two-year low in the last month, and one pollster blamed soaring gas prices.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Wednesday the proportion of people who believe the United States is on the wrong track rose seven points to 64 percent from February, in a fresh challenge to President Barack Obama.

It was the highest number of people in an Ipsos poll who think the country on the wrong track since Obama took office in January 2009. The survey comes as many indicators show an improving U.S. economy.

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5 comments on “Americans see U.S. on wrong track: Reuters/Ipsos poll

  1. lostdesert says:

    The article notes:

    In speeches with an eye on re-election, Obama has been talking up the need for compromise in Washington, the kind of rhetoric that appeals to independents.

    Sorry, no one believes this. BHO is the most radical president in my many years on this earth. The bigger problem is that he has been helped by the likes of a congress and senate that is filled with like minded folks. I believe I even read that some proportion of our reps are members of the socialist party. Oh my. Let’s send these folks packing.

    Gas prices are a problem for individuals and the economy but any pain is endurable with a good leader. We can manage any ill with a top person who “gets” the American spirit. This administration wants to give us things. They want the power that comes from giving us things. They don’t want us to do for ourselves, nor do they want us to accomplish anything, in fact, they don’t even understand why we would want to work at anything. Never have seen anything like this. Throw them out. Stop spending.

  2. WarrenS says:

    Radical? This Canadian onlooker sees him as anything but. He seems quite ready to accommodate the Republicans and the conservative agenda on most issues and has fallen short on virtually all of the “progressive” issues he campaigned on. I agree that he doesn’t seem to be showing good leadership. Gas in Vancouver hit $5.35 US per gallon last weekend, so I don’t have too much sympathy.

  3. Larry Morse says:

    The NFL is fighting over who gets the billions and whol the millions, that slimeball Sheen gets over one million for a performance,the gas price is literally crushing me, Exxon does not pay a penny in taxes in the US but I cannot get a COLA for two years, and we cannot help Libya in its fight for its freedom? Larry

  4. Milton says:

    Larry, unless the sign at the gas station broke loose and fell on you, the gas prices are not literally crushing you, only figuratively. 🙂

  5. Larry Morse says:

    Milton, I’m a farmer. Do you have any idea what effect gas and oil prices have on being able to farm? My Deere 4020, gas, get the equivalent to 3 miles to a gallon when it is working hard – and I don’t drive it unless it working hard. the tank holds twenty gallons if I remember correctly. That 20 times $3.59. When I run the snowblower (a seven foot two stage), I use a full tank of gas per snow storm. And in my neck of the woods in Maine, we’re talking 6-9 feet of snow a year, except when it’s a lot more (we had 11 feet in 86 – or was it 87?). Approximately 16 plowable storms a winter.
    All my farm equipment runs on gas – except the backhoe which is diesel. The drop flue in the sugar shack runs on heating oil. You can guess what the profit margins are for a small farmer. Being crushed? You better believe it. This is no idle hyperbole. The change in gas prices from two years ago almost doubles my gas bill. And it’s darn hard to pull an eight foot double disk harrow with my teeth. If you don’t think this burden is crushing, I’ll let you pay it for me ha ha ha ha. Larry