(BullardJournal) Seven Characteristics of a Tech-Savvy Church

Take a guess at the seven first and then read it all.


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2 comments on “(BullardJournal) Seven Characteristics of a Tech-Savvy Church

  1. Scatcatpdx says:

    8. Gospel center teaching optional.
    9. Technology is great to distract, obfuscate and entertain; who needs to handle and teach God’s word correctly when one has video displays and podcasting.

  2. Milton says:

    It’s a short article so I imagine the only reason it is not posted here in its entirety is copyright issues. But we need not worry if churches use technology to serve and distribute the Gospel rather than the reverse. The writer gets the proper Gospel-serving use from #1:
    [blockquote]1. They prioritize the mission. Having a world changing mission is more important than having world class IT. Technology is indispensable to promoting the mission and executing ministry at tech-savvy churches. But, it is always secondary to the mission and the people God is calling the church to reach.[/blockquote]