Bishop Cordileone Expresses Grave Disappointment over NY Bill Redefining Marriage

“Marriage, the union of a man and a woman, forms the foundation of social well-being by promoting love and respect between the two most fundamental representatives of the human community,” he said. “The institution of marriage also affirms the vital and unique importance to children of receiving care from both their mother and father together. Making marriage law indifferent to the absence of either sex creates an institutional and cultural crisis with generational ramifications yet to be seen. To eliminate marriage’s very essence ”“ its essence as the union of husband and wife ”“ from its legal definition is to ignore not only basic anthropology and biology but also the purpose of law generally. Law is meant to uphold the common good, not undermine it. Now, New York’s government will be forced to ignore that children have a basic right to be raised by their mother and father together. Also, as demonstrated in other states where marriage redefinition has occurred, officials there will be in a position to retaliate against those who continue to uphold these basic truths. This is a mark of a profoundly unjust law.”

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4 comments on “Bishop Cordileone Expresses Grave Disappointment over NY Bill Redefining Marriage

  1. St. Nikao says:

    Here is another plea for all US Bishops (Episcopal, Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.) to speak out and stand on the truth of God’s Word: “The core issue is the Church’s loving concern for those individuals who are putting their bodies and souls in danger with illicit and dangerous sexual practices, and society’s encouraging such behavior with the title of ‘marriage’.”

  2. Paula Loughlin says:

    Thank you for linking to that article St. Nikao.
    Homosexual acts harm both the soul and the body. The harm they do and the risk they pose to public health are reason enough for the State to discourage them.

  3. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    Thanks to all Christian leaders with the courage to stand up for the traditional view. I believe God got it right the first time.

  4. TACit says:

    Thankfully now Bp. Love of Albany has identified himself as one of these, #3. He has written a letter very recently posted on Virtue’s site.
    Pray for him and the Diocese of Albany, which is completely surrounded by heterodox or apostate Episcopal dioceses.