(BBC) Is North Dakota really a US state?

North Dakota is amending its constitution because of a long-standing technical omission that some claim makes its statehood invalid. So does that mean it’s really just a US territory and not a state at all?

Every American child is taught there are 50 states in the US.

But an 82-year-old care home resident in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is throwing the truth of that universally held statement into some doubt.

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2 comments on “(BBC) Is North Dakota really a US state?

  1. Anglicanum says:

    I always felt like we were one short.

  2. Rich Gabrielson says:

    Thank goodness this wasn’t discovered 40 years ago – at the height of the Cold War there was a joke going around to the effect that if ND (then the home of countless missile silos) were to secede from the Union it would be the world’s third largest nuclear power.