(Chicago Tribune) Judge: Catholic Charities can keep serving foster kids, for now

Catholic Charities won the right to keep serving nearly 2,000 foster children in Illinois for at least another month, as a judge refused Tuesday to let the state cut ties with the agency that has balked at placing children with gay and unwed couples.

The temporary decree struck at the heart of one of the most contentious debates since Illinois made civil unions legal.

Despite the state’s arguments that no contracts exist because state officials already declined to renew them, Judge John Schmidt ruled in Sangamon County Circuit Court that contracts between the state and Catholic Charities of Joliet, Peoria and Springfield through June 30 would remain intact.

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One comment on “(Chicago Tribune) Judge: Catholic Charities can keep serving foster kids, for now

  1. drummie says:

    But it also gives the judge “an opportunity to hear about the terrible harm to children done by discrimination.” The ACLU wants to talk about discrimination by the Catholic charities. But, what about the discrimination that they are exposed to with 2 “mommies” or 2 “daddys”? Who is going to teach a young girl that she can in fact have a relationship with a male (her father) without it being sexual? It seems that the same sex couples are more caught up in their “rights” than in providing a moral and safe home for a child to grow up in. How can 2 “mommies” show a young boy how to be a responsable father? Aren’t they being as discriminatory or more than the Catholic agencys that will only place children in a stable home that has a truly married couple? It seems that same sex couples don’t care about how the children are affected. Life is tough enough without adding problems from day one. It seems that 2 gay men never think of the shortened life expectency and how that will affect “their” children. Please, someone show me how a same sex couple of either sex can provide a truly nurturing home. The love MIGHT be there, but how do you teach a child about their roles