(ENS) Evidence of mass graves in South Kordofan 'devastating,' Kadugli bishop says

Less than a week after South Sudan celebrated its long-awaited independence, Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail of the Episcopal Diocese of Kadugli has said it is “devastating and saddening” to learn that his people of the South Kordofan region, “friends, brothers and sisters, children, my flock, have been killed mercilessly and are lying now in mass graves in Kadugli.”

Elnail was responding to the Enough Project’s Satellite Sentinel report that revealed the extent of the atrocities committed along the north-south border in recent weeks and identified what it says are three vast excavated sites used to dump the bodies of those who’ve been slaughtered.

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4 comments on “(ENS) Evidence of mass graves in South Kordofan 'devastating,' Kadugli bishop says

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    This is deeply wicked; there are reports the UN stood by, and even handed over people who had sought refuge with them. There is evidence this is systematic genocide akin to Bosnia, people coming in with lists of people to collect.

    Prayers for South Kordofan and those other areas affected.

  2. Albany+ says:

    This is the nightmare of the real Church. We must pray, act, and promote coverage.

  3. sophy0075 says:

    Unfortunately, this is not surprising. Humanity stood by and did nothing when the Armenians were massacred at the turn of the 19th century, when millions of Jews were tortured and gassed by the Nazis during World War II, and when Rwanda suffered its bloodbath. It seems that political leaders and countries only intervene in circumstances where they think their economic interest is at stake. Perhaps if the South Sudan had oil or uranium, its people might be safe.

  4. Confessor says:

    From one coast of Africa to the other and from one end of the Middle East and Asia to the other, Islam has wreaked evil and genocide of all ethnic groups who resist. Ivory coast has suffered no less than Sudan. Two Christian brothers were crucified recently in Ivory Coast by Islamists. Remember the name of this one – a young Christian tribesman, Ashur Issa Jakub, a husband, father and road worker in Iraq was tortured and his eyes gouged out, ears cut off, face completely skinned off by Islamists. His body was found on May 13, 2011. The torture and mutilitation occurred while he was still alive. A Christian is killed many times every day in these lands.

    May the blood of these martyrs and and that of all these many many others be joined to Christ’s Blood and Cross and Word, to become the seed and water of true Christianity springing up and spreading over the face of the earth.