(ENI) China's influence in Africa includes church construction

At All Saints Roman Catholic Church Cathedral in Nairobi, African workers were recently singing lively Christian worship songs as they broke ground for the construction of a new office block for the Nairobi Archdiocese.

However, they were not working for an African or British construction company. China Zhongxing Construction is building Maurice Cardinal Otunga Plaza, one of many church contracts Chinese construction companies have won in recent years as China has expanded its influence in Africa. Now, Chinese firms build many bridges, roads and stadiums across the continent.

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One comment on “(ENI) China's influence in Africa includes church construction

  1. Milton says:

    The height of bitter irony. The Chinese make profits building church buildings in Africa while back in China churches are bulldozed or confiscated and pastors and worshippers are threatened, jailed, tortured and killed. May God see and judge!