With U.S. tech, Internet censorship continues in Syria, Burma

An investigation into commercial online filtering technology reveals the prevalence of devices from Blue Coat, an American firm, being used to censor the Web in Syria and Burma. Ron Deibert of Toronto’s Citizen Lab discusses the report’s importance.

If you live in Burma or Syria, good luck trying to access pro-democracy websites, overseas news networks, even dating websites. Thanks to devices made by Blue Coat Systems, portions of the Net are inaccessible to residents in these countries, and a recent report reveals how a number of these filtering devices have been found in the regions, despite the manufacturer claiming they never sell their products to embargoed countries.

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One comment on “With U.S. tech, Internet censorship continues in Syria, Burma

  1. Capt. Father Warren says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, there are Dept of Commerce regulations with stern penalties for selling listed technologies to certain countries. The defense that “someone else did it” doesn’t usually cut much mustard. So who is letting the vendors get away with this?