Two Sudans Brace for a War Both Thought Was Over

South Sudan’s years of conflict were meant to be over when it won its independence from Sudan last July after generations of fighting with the people of the north. But the jubilation quickly faded, and now, not even a year later, after weeks of pointed barbs and border skirmishes, this vast and vastly underdeveloped country is once again mobilizing for war ”” and asking some of the poorest people on earth to pay for it, with whatever they have at hand….

Sudan and South Sudan have yet to resolve a number of prickly and vital issues, not least of which is how to demarcate a border of more than 1,000 miles and share billions of dollars of oil revenue. Border clashes escalated in late March, killing hundreds, and strategic oil fields have switched hands.

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2 comments on “Two Sudans Brace for a War Both Thought Was Over

  1. Grant LeMarquand says:

    Please, please pray – another war will only mean more devastation.

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Prayers for peace in the Sudans and an end to the persecution of God’s people there.