(Church Times) House of Bishops amends women bishops Measure

The Bishops’ amendment asserts that the diocesan bishop will retain full authority over all parishes, even when he or she has delegated cer­tain functions to an alternate bishop. At the same time, it makes clear that this alternate bishop functions in his own right, and not merely with delegated powers.

The Bishops’ second amendment concerns the Code of Con­duct, which bishops will need to abide by when drawing up a scheme for any parish that makes a formal request for alternate pro­vision in their diocese. The wording of the code cannot be finalised until after the draft Measure be­comes law; but the amendment requires the code to ensure that “the exercise of ministry by those bishops and priests will be con­sistent with the theological con­vic-tions as to the consecration or ordination of women which prompted the issuing of the Letter of Request”….

A statement issued after the House of Bishops’ deliberations was unusual in making clear what they didn’t do as much as what they did. “The House rejected more far- reaching amendments that would have changed the legal basis on which bishops would exercise auth­ority when ministering to parishes unable to receive the ministry of female bishops.”

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