Robert George–Roman Catholics Should Criticize Indiscriminate Drone Use

The use of drones is not, in my opinion, inherently immoral in otherwise justifiable military operations; but the risks of death and other grave harms to noncombatants are substantial and certainly complicate the picture for any policy maker who is serious about the moral requirements for the justified use of military force. Having a valid military target is in itself not a sufficient justification for the use of weapons such as predator drones. Sometimes considerations of justice to noncombatants forbid their use, even if that means that grave risks must be endured by our own forces in the prosecution of a war.

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5 comments on “Robert George–Roman Catholics Should Criticize Indiscriminate Drone Use

  1. Dan Crawford says:

    I’m afraid the Catholic bishops are busy trying to enhance religious freedom by working hard to get Mr. Romney elected. War and peace, and economic justice used to be their concerns.

  2. David Keller says:

    The RC bishops had a deal with Obama and he broke it. He did it to get their support for Obamacare, and then broke the deal as soon as it suited his political agenda. The RC’s wouldn’t be involved in anything but peace and justice if Obama wasn’t runnung rough shod over the 1st Amendment. For a “constituional expert” he doesn’t seem to know or care much about the constitution; or for keeping his promises.

  3. driver8 says:

    That’s helped. De-politicize by immediately making a partisan point. “Rara my guy.” “Booo your guy”.

  4. David Keller says:

    #3 Not sure who are directing your comment to. Obama politicized this issue when he didnt have to. He assumed the Catlholoc Church would roll over. Bad decision. But it effects all of us. If O can ignore the first Amendment for Catholics he can ignore for anyone. For the RCs this is not about politics, it’s about religion (as opposed to TEC, where everything is about politics an never about religion). What part of the Bill of Rights is it OK for the president to ignore? I would say not any. If the 1st Amendment is bad, there is a CONSTITUTIONAL means to repeal it.

  5. driver8 says:

    When I drafted my comment only #1 had been posted. My general point is that if one is successfully to critique the Catholic Bishops for being merely partisan, one ought to be slightly self conscious about appearing merely partisan oneself.