House of Lords: Archbishop asks about Democratic Republic of Congo

My Lords, I am very grateful for the opportunity to ask a question in this particular context because the plight of Congo is well known, I think, to everyone in this House. The issue of regional cooperation has already been flagged indirectly in what has been said, and one of the questions I should like to ask is to do with what Her Majesty’s Government is doing to foster a broader regional engagement in this ”“ a strategic engagement, involving more than simply the governments of Rwanda and Congo.

And as part of that regional question, I am very concerned about one particular issue – which is a cross-border one in the region – and that is the plight of the indigenous peoples, the indigenous minorities such as the Batwa.

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One comment on “House of Lords: Archbishop asks about Democratic Republic of Congo

  1. MichaelA says:

    Seems like a good question to ask, and kudos to ++Williams for raising it. Hopefully the government will examine the situation closely and do what it can.