The Full Text of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism statement on mission and evangelism

5. The history of Christian mission has been characterized by conceptions of geographical expansion from a Christian centre to the “un-reached territories”, to the ends of the earth. But today we are facing a radically changing ecclesial landscape described as “world Christianity” where the majority of Christians are either living, or have their origins in the global South and East.[2] Migration has become a worldwide, multi-directional phenomenon which is re-shaping the Christian landscape. The emergence of strong Pentecostal and charismatic movements from different localities is one of the most noteworthy characteristics of world Christianity today. What are the insights for mission and evangelism ”“ theologies, agendas and practices ”“ of this “shift of the centre of gravity of Christianity”?

6. Mission has been understood as a movement taking place from the centre to the periphery, and from the privileged to the marginalized of society. Now people at the margins are claiming their key role as agents of mission and affirming mission as transformation. This reversal of roles in terms of envisioning mission has strong biblical foundations because God chose the poor, the foolish and the powerless (1 Corinthians 1:18-31) to further God’s mission of justice and peace so that life may flourish. If there is a shift of the mission concept from “mission to the margins” to “mission from the margins”, what then is the distinctive contribution of the people from the margins? And why are their experiences and visions crucial for re-imagining mission and evangelism today?

7. We are living in a world in which faith in mammon threatens the credibility of the gospel. Market ideology is spreading the propaganda that the global market will save the world through unlimited growth. This myth is a threat not only to economic life but also to the spiritual life of people, and not only to humanity but also to the whole creation. How can we proclaim the good news and values of God’s kingdom in the global market, or win over the spirit of the market? What kind of missional action can the church take in the midst of economic and ecological injustice and crisis on a global scale?

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4 comments on “The Full Text of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism statement on mission and evangelism

  1. nephilem says:

    Does anyone else see the slight of hand and redefinition of Apostolic teachings in this? It blows my mind to think so many Orthodox Churches unite themselves with this neo-marxist/liberation theology tripe. “Patriarchy” is bad? Well….maybe we should call God a “She” then. Wow…….

  2. Ad Orientem says:

    I must be missing something. Which Orthodox churches signed off on this heretical drivel?

  3. nephilem says:” onfocus=”blurLink(this);print=1_” onfocus=”blurLink(this)%

    Solzhenitsyn said that the WCC had been totally Sovietized by the 1970’s.

  4. Ad Orientem says:

    OK they have a short blurb on the Orthodox Church on their website. I still don’t see where they signed off on the above posted heretical nonsense. For the record I don’t think any Orthodox church should be a member of the WCC or the NCC. But I am not a big fan of what passes for ecumenism these days.