(CSM) Staunchly Catholic Poland takes a new look at easing abortion laws

When pregnant women in Poland decide to have an abortion, they take a common but highly secretive step. “I found some phone numbers in the newspaper; I called around,” explains a young blonde woman named Jola. The doctors are listed anonymously in the classifieds section offering to “induce menstruation” or provide “full service.” Everybody understands.

“You cannot use the words ‘abortion’ or ‘termination’; rather, ‘I am pregnant ”“ can you help me?’ Something like that,” she says, speaking of her illegal abortion in the 2009 Polish documentary, “Underground Women’s State.” None of the seven women interviewed give their full name and all are well disguised.

Although the topic has long been taboo in Poland, leaders on both sides of the abortion debate now acknowledge the existence of this hidden, private practice. And this month, the Polish parliament is expected to vote on whether to liberalize its abortion policy, one of the strictest in Europe.

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3 comments on “(CSM) Staunchly Catholic Poland takes a new look at easing abortion laws

  1. Vatican Watcher says:


  2. Charles52 says:

    There were always illegal abortions, at least until there were legal abortions. Of course, the dreaded “back-alley butchers” were generally doctors or midwives willing to do the deed.


    It seems to me these abortionists would be more careful than the abortionists today, who operate in a politically protected atmosphere. So who would you rather have: an abortionist careful to avoid public exposure, or an abortionist able to cover up his/her mistakes?

  3. High_Church says:

    [blockquote] Now, according to official government reports, there are on average 300 abortions performed each year in the country of 38 million people. But the Polish Federation for Women and Family Planning – a pro-choice advocacy group – contends that the actual number falls somewhere between 80,000 and 200,000, generating an estimated $95 million annually for doctors. [/blockquote]
    The problem does not seem to be abortion, but an extremely high murder rate and a lucrative business for hit men (i.e. abortionist).