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“I feel like if I leave it at home, I go a bit crazy,” said James Vohradsky, a 20-year-old student who had queued for 17 hours with his sister. “I have to drive back and get it. I can’t do my normal day without it….”

–From a Reuters article this week about the launch of the newest version of Apple’s Iphone


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  1. Terry Tee says:

    Does the new technology enable communication or inhibit it? I think it is a question that needs to be asked. I am just back from a visit to the US. One sight that I remember is a couple at brunch at Marriott hotel in Grand Rapids, MI: each with a half-eaten plate of food, each with head lowered while they texted into their respective phones. Or nearer home, going into a confirmation class, startled to find it silent, the heads of the teens all bent over their little flickering screens. Anecdotal evidence here in the UK tells us that our kids are much less articulate than previous generations, unable to argue a case, present a paper, negotiate with authority. I wonder why?