Women bishops decision a 'stab in the back' to female clergy ”“ Lord Carey

Lord Carey, who first opened the priesthood to women, spoke of his “anger” and “distress” at the General Synod’s failure to allow women into the episcopate despite overwhelming support.
And he voiced support for an overhaul of Synod structures after a bloc of opponents in the House of Laity succeeded in killing off the measure after a tortuous 12-year process.
He was commenting after the Church of England’s representative in Parliament, Sir Tony Baldry, warned that it was in danger of being seen as a “sect” and claimed that it had hamstrung its own attempts to resist the plans for gay marriage.

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6 comments on “Women bishops decision a 'stab in the back' to female clergy ”“ Lord Carey

  1. MichaelA says:

    Lord Carey has no right to feel either anger or distress.

    The solution is simple, and it was always simple – offer the traditionalists a right to exist in the Church of England. This measure was offered a rather naked attempt to exterminate them – how did you expect them to react, Lord Carey?

    Grow up.

  2. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    That’s sort of my thing., No. 1. All this faux moral outrage is somewhat irritating because this is a completely fabricated “crisis.” Nothing has changed with this vote; it is the same as it has been. No new element has suddenly come into effect that is threatening people that was not there 6 months or 6 years ago.

    All the Church of England has to do is continue to allow those who can’t in conscience serve under a female bishop to let them have their non-geographical flying bishop schemes. I think if they had an ironclad guarantee on that, this women bishops thing would have sailed right through. To me, if I was advising the liberal wing in the C of E, I’d tell them to just let the conservatives ghetto themselves off. They would be out of your hair and within a generation or two, they will just either wither away or else grow to the point that they will leave the C of E either to form their own denomination or the Ordinariate or whatever. It will be just like it has been in TEC. If you marginalize some group long enough, they will either die of old age or else revolt. Either way, you win in the end.

    This is a completely fabricated “crisis.”

  3. driver8 says:

    Speaking of, you know, stabs in the back, the former Archbishop might do well to reflect on an assurance he once made: “it is our intention for this to be permanent.”

  4. MichaelA says:

    [blockquote] “I think if they had an ironclad guarantee on that, this women bishops thing would have sailed right through.” [/blockquote]
    #2, exactly.

    Driver8 at #3, excellent point. ++Carey seems to have completely forgotten how he entirely failed to secure the promises made to the orthodox when women priests were permitted in 1994. It was never supposed to be a wholesale change to the polity of the CofE but “a period of reception”. ++Carey has been one of the biggest backstabbers in his own quiet way, and now he has the temerity to critcise those who voted against this measure, both orthodox and liberal. He should be on his knees.

  5. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Whinging, pure and simple. He did not secure the traditionalists and opened the floodgates to gays and deliberately opposed Tradition. Why should he be bothered or distressed? Didn’t he once contend that retired Archbishops should keep quiet? Whinger.

  6. Cennydd13 says:

    Oh, the ladies didn’t get what they wanted, and now they’re stomping their feet in anger and frustration, are they? Get over it!