(ACNS) In Zimbabwe, Anglicans returning to their property threatened by chain-wielding thugs

Writing to supporters around the Anglican Communion, Bp Chad Gandiya said that, despite a Supreme Court order recognising the cathedral as belonging to CPCA’s Diocese of Harare, excommunicated bishop, Nolbert Kunonga “did not leave willingly.”
“Yesterday Kunonga was evicted from the Diocesan Offices and Cathedral yesterday,” he wrote. “He refused to handover three diocesan cars in his possession. He came back later with thugs with chains who started chasing people beating some (some of the guards we had hired were beaten).
“When our people reported it to the police they were shunted from one office to the other because the police said, “they were too junior to deal with the Anglican matter”. Eventually they were served and riot police were sent who arrested some of the thugs and we are grateful for that.

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