(Christianity Today) The Right Side of History Is Full of Rewrites

The court’s storyline continues, with the mean old Congress trying to “demean” same-sex couples and “humiliate tens of thousands of children.” And it continues the Supreme Court defending New York’s “considered perspective on the historical roots of the institution of marriage and its evolving understanding of the meaning of equality.”
That “evolving” understanding, rhetorically speaking, puts yesterday’s decisions not as the culmination of “the meaning of equality” but on what same-sex marriage proponents repeatedly, unrelentingly, unmitigatingly, refer to as “the right side of history….”

The proper response to such arrogance and rhetorical triumphalism isn’t more arrogance and triumphalism, shouting, “We win in the end, so get with the program.” The better response is to meet those claims with humility and questions.
Thankfully, that’s what we’re seeing in the early Christian responses to yesterday’s Supreme Court decisions. Almost to a one, the Christian leaders we talked to yesterday disavowed easy lines of “Christians vs. gays and lesbians.”

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