(Gallup) Americans Sour Slightly on Quality Jobs Market

The market for quality jobs may be cooling. The 21% of Americans who say now is a good time to find a quality job is down from 25% in July — and the most negative reading this year. Now, 76% say it is a bad time to find a quality job, up from 70% in July.

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One comment on “(Gallup) Americans Sour Slightly on Quality Jobs Market

  1. sophy0075 says:

    This just means that the Kool-Aid drunk by the current administration’s supporters who are either 2013 college grads or their parents has worn off. Finding a decent job in this moribund economy, is difficult. To make matters worse, companies fear the effect of Obamacare on their cost of benefits, and are either cutting benefits (witness UPS) or cutting hours of more workers to part-time. Anyone who is surprised by this – well, your Kool-Aid just hasn’t worn off yet.

    (Apologies to the makers of Kool-Aid).