(Meredith Gould) An Author's Life: Sanity? Insanity? Book Writing Involves Embracing Both

…Stations of the Book Writing Cross:

cycling through my ritualized insistence that I’ll never ever ever write another book. Years ago, I’d cling to this delusion for at least a year after a book was published. My manuscript for The Social Media Gospel was submitted to Liturgical Press on January 2, 2013 and by January 7, I was ruminating about the next book.

rearranging book shelves to reflect emerging realities. Books I’ve used during the previous book’s writing process are either moved to a distant shelf, shipped to friends who might want them, or schlepped to The Book Thing. I then re-populate the bookshelves in my sight line with whatever I’m diving into.

going to sleep and waking up with words, phrases, sentences demanding attention….

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