(CT Gleanings Blog) China Relaxes One-Child Policy, But Doesn't Expect Baby Boom

All Girls Allowed (AGA), a leading faith-based organization pushing for an end to the one-child policy, previously stated on Nov. 5 that “all previous speculations about a possible relaxation of China’s One-Child Policy have now been put to an end, as the Ministry of Health and Family Planning announced on October 29th that the policy will remain unchanged.”

Today, AGA released a new statement:

All Girls Allowed welcomes the news of the policy’s relaxation, but expresses disappointment that the Chinese government has not gone the logical and compassionate route””abolishing the policy altogether. … [T]he greatest indictment against the One-Child Policy is the use of coercion in its enforcement. Untold numbers of forced abortions and sterilizations continue to take place to this day, making it the greatest violence against women and children in the world today.

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