(AP) UN Panel: 8 Reasons to Worry About Global Warming

A United Nations panel of scientists is joining the list craze with what they call eight “key risks” that are part of broader “reasons for concern” about climate change.

It’s part of a massive report on how global warming is affecting humans and the planet and how the future will be worse unless something is done about it. The report is being finalized at a meeting this weekend by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

They assembled the list to “make it understandable and to illustrate the issues that have the greatest potential to cause real harm,” the report’s chief author, Chris Field of the Carnegie Institution of Science in California, said in an interview.

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2 comments on “(AP) UN Panel: 8 Reasons to Worry About Global Warming

  1. Uh Clint says:

    When the global-warming folks can demonstrate a complete understanding and proven causality for the climate changes that have occurred over the past 500 years, I’ll listen to them. Until then, they’re just guessing at best, ignoring such things as the “little ice age” in the 17th-19th centuries.

    If you can’t explain the past, you surely can’t predict the future!!!

  2. aldenjr says:

    There is no other explanation as to why the seas are rising (seemingly at a quicker rate) at the little island I go to each summer, then to accept the physics of gas concentrations on planetary bodies (such as carbon increases in the atmosphere) leading to a hotter planet probably leading to the well documented rapid melting of ice on Greenland leading to sea level rise. What else explains it? Until you have a better explanation, and for the sake of all those who live within 1 foot of the seas (and that includes 100’s of millions of people around the world), I think that I will do all in my power to eliminate my carbon emission impact. For the sake of prudent caution, and because I don’t want to stand before my Lord on judgement day when he asks what did I do given all the science he gave us, and say, um… does that not at least make sense?