Karenna Gore and Serene Jones–Religions for the Earth: Redefining the Climate Crisis

The Religions for the Earth initiative at Union seeks to create a place where visionary religious and spiritual leaders from around the world will convene to find common ground and offer new strategies to deal with a crisis that politicians have been unable to solve.

In meeting after meeting, from Rio to Kyoto to Copenhagen to Durban, politicians and technocrats have been thwarted, because at its core, climate change is not just about science, or zero-sum financial negotiations between emitters: it’s about values. It relates profoundly to the meaning of life rather than just its mechanics””to the essence of how we experience our being, share our resources, and regard one another across space and time. It has implications for the existence of the world itself, and humanity’s place within it.

It will take a values-driven conversation to change the materialistic and consumer-oriented culture that assigns worth only to financially quantifiable things. The unchecked profit-driven model of maximum production devours what we care most about: clean air, clean water, and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable families. We need a new moral equation.

Read it all from Time Magazine.


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One comment on “Karenna Gore and Serene Jones–Religions for the Earth: Redefining the Climate Crisis

  1. Katherine says:

    A hysterical article from uninformed writers. The Wall St. Journal published an informed article by [url=http://online.wsj.com/articles/climate-science-is-not-settled-1411143565]Steven E. Koonin[/url], a reputable and long-experienced researcher in the field, which points out how little scientific certainty there is in the field, not nearly enough to drive public policy options. (I hope the link is not subscriber-only.)