(NPR) Transgender Men Who Become Pregnant Face Social, Health Challenges

“Pregnancy and childbirth were very male experiences for me,” said a 29-year-old respondent in a study reported Friday in Obstetrics and Gynecology. “When I birthed my children, I was born into fatherhood.”

If this statement at first seems perplexing, it’s less so when you realize the person talking is a transgender man ”“ someone who has transitioned from a female identity to a male or masculine identity.

He is one of 41 participants in a study of how it feels to be male and pregnant, a study the authors think may be the first of its kind.

Pregnancy as a transgender man is unlike any other kind. No one expects a man to be pregnant, and the study participants said they were often greeted with double-takes, suspicion and even hostility from strangers and health care providers. “Child Protective Services was alerted to the fact that a ‘tranny’ had a baby,” one participant reported.

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8 comments on “(NPR) Transgender Men Who Become Pregnant Face Social, Health Challenges

  1. m+ says:

    [blockquote] Pregnancy as a transgender man is unlike any other kind. No one expects a man to be pregnant… [/blockquote]
    Maybe that’s because a man can’t get pregnant, and we’re actually talking about women who think they’re men? How is this not mental illness?

  2. Katherine says:

    Even headlines have gone insane. A “transgender man” who gets pregnant isn’t a man. The “men” in the study appear to have gotten pregnant via the usual procedure, which means they are functioning as women in this respect.

  3. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    Like my grandmother always said, “People done gone lost their minds…”

  4. Sarah says:

    RE: “Transgender Men Who Become Pregnant Face Social, Health Challenges”

    Perhaps the government can make a law against anybody thinking anything negative and thus perhaps causing social consequences to transgenders.

  5. Sarah says:

    I mean just look at this thread — chock full of “social consequences.” If the government could make a law against any of us thinking any of these things much less saying them out loud on a blog, then everything would be great for transgenders.

  6. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I think I’m really a black man, even though on the surface I’m white. Despite everything that biology and my ethnic background says about me, I’m really black. I deserve all the minority scholarships and for the government to pay for my skin change. I’m really a black man in a white man’s body.

  7. Katherine says:

    Sarah, how nice it would be for people with confused minds to make reality bend to match their confusion by pretending and making everyone else pretend along with them. Except some of us are called to recognize Truth in this matter and lots of others.

  8. Br. Michael says:

    The Emperior has no clothes. News Flash: Woman gets pregnant!

    And that’s all this is.