A Video of Bishop Lawrence's Opening Remarks During the PB's SC Visit

Part One is here and part Two is there.


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7 comments on “A Video of Bishop Lawrence's Opening Remarks During the PB's SC Visit

  1. Albany* says:

    How could this be any better? It couldn’t. Thanks be to God.

  2. Ann McCarthy says:

    Is the rest of it on tape and coming? I’m interested in the next segment. When I listened to the audio it sounded like Bp. Lawrence was the one to speak up after KJS’s silent meditation thing, but that wasn’t clear given it was on audio.

  3. Stan W says:

    A loving yet firm evangelical catholic response to the heretical doctrines of religious pluralism, the priority of polity over the supremacy of Scripture in faith and practice, and the social gospel to the exclusion of the apostolic proclamation of the gospel as found in Scripture. Upon the once for all delivered to the saints faith we must stand. We can do no other. We cannot turn our backs on its life-giving message to walk a path that leads to other “gods” quite unlike our own.

  4. gregshore says:

    The rest is on tape and is coming. You will be able to find them on Steve Wood’s blog as they become available. (www.SteveWood.cc).

  5. Islandbear says:

    I commend this video — it is a crystal clear yet charitable exposition of what the divide within anglicanism is all about.


  6. libraryjim says:

    I finally got to watch both parts of the video. +Lawrence is an amazing speaker. I hope to hear him in person one day.