Giles Fraser–Arguments over Greek debt echo ancient disputes about Easter

The western church typically criticises the eastern view for having a “free lunch” view of salvation. No pain, no gain, insists Anselm. The eastern church says that the west fetishises suffering and is more committed to some iron logic of cosmic necessity than to God for whom all things are possible.

Atheists such as Alexis Tsipras, the Greek leader, may think both of these are fantasies. But for present purposes that’s beside the point. It’s worth recognising that these two completely different stories support two contrasting moral worldviews and different attitudes towards economics in general and capitalism in particular. Tsipras ”“ like me ”“ is very much more in the Greek Orthodox camp when it comes to salvation. And the Lutheran minister’s daughter Angela Merkel is very much in the western one. He wants to leap free from death-dealing debt. She believes it must be paid back, no matter how much blood and pain is involved.

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One comment on “Giles Fraser–Arguments over Greek debt echo ancient disputes about Easter

  1. Vatican Watcher says:

    If the rest of the Monetary Union wasn’t so brainwashed into believing in saving the union and the larger EU at all costs, they would have cut Greece and the other PIIGS a long time ago. Merkel ought to know that no matter how much pain Greece takes, it’s never going to pay back money it doesn’t have since no one pays taxes. Can’t collect what isn’t there.