(Penn Live) Presbyterian Church forcing evangelicals out for having the "wrong" view of marriage?

Carmen Fowler LaBerge, president of the national Presbyterian Lay Committee, said that in the same way the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ became inhospitable environments for evangelicals to serve, the Presbyterian Church is becoming much the same way.

“We are seeing the environment within the PCUSA change following the affirmation of this particular vote,” she says. “That environment is changing pretty rapidly. Presbyteries are becoming inhospitable to pastors who hold traditional views not only on this issue but on underlining issues related to the biblical authority of Jesus as the only way to salvation.”

While sexuality might be the presenting issue in this case, LaBerge argues that the real division is rooted in a theological cleansing – fueled by a growing intolerance toward traditional, biblical views.

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One comment on “(Penn Live) Presbyterian Church forcing evangelicals out for having the "wrong" view of marriage?

  1. Undergroundpewster says:

    Sounds like some heavy handed work being done to try to keep the PCUSA properties using the mechanism of removing the minister and governing body before they can pull the church out, not that this church was at that point. It points out the fact that you can’t trust executive Presbyterians any more than you can trust Episcopal bishops,
    [blockquote]When PennLive interviewed Englund-Krieger (Rev. Mark Englund-Krieger, executive Presbyterian for the Carlisle Presbytery) leading up to the ratification vote, he stressed that even if gay marriage was approved by the church, no pastor would be forced to go against his or her conviction and perform a gay marriage.

    “No one is being forced or compelled to perform same-gender marriage,” he said then.[/blockquote]