(AC) Rod Dreher–Modern ”˜Love’ in the Age of Tinder

wouldn’t have understood the full scope of what this young woman is saying in her essay without the interview, which is short. In the segment, Narin says that men and women in her generation don’t have actual romantic relationships anymore. It’s all casual, non-committal sex. “Nobody knows whether their own feelings are real,” she says.

Our generation doesn’t have relationships anymore. Nobody to call their own. Just casual. Nobody knows whether their own feelings are real.

She tells the interviewer that there’s lots of making out and sex, but nobody wants to be emotionally vulnerable to anybody else. The interviewer says that none of this is new, that men and women forever have had a hard time being emotionally confident as they’re trying to work their way through romance. Now, however, it’s possible to “live in your fear,” he says. What has changed?

“Technology,” she said. She explained that you can avoid direct, sustained talking to real people by using technology.

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2 comments on “(AC) Rod Dreher–Modern ”˜Love’ in the Age of Tinder

  1. Jim the Puritan says:

    It’s a brave new world.

  2. Milton says:

    Very sad. These people are avoiding our of fear the one thing (after knowing Christ as Lord and Savior) that could bring deep joy, peace and fulfillment.

    At this rate, it seem robots will not replace humans before humans become robots.