Leander Harding: Godly Bishops

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3 comments on “Leander Harding: Godly Bishops

  1. pastorchuckie says:

    This was a welcome article when it first appeared, and worth reading again. Without having any say in who the next Suffragan of Dallas will be, I find it encouraging that someone like Lee Harding is one of the nominees. Questions [asked by the nominating committee] like…

    “Describe the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection”;
    “What does it mean to continue in the Apostles’ teaching and fellowship…?”; and
    “How do you understand” the charge to “guard the faith, unity, and discipline of the Church?”

    …strike me as hopeful signs that this diocese is looking for a godly bishop.

  2. Connie Sandlin says:

    Leander Harding is one of the candidates to be considered for Suffragan for the Diocese of Dallas in a special convention on March 29th.


  3. Philip Snyder says:

    While I was not involved in the electing committee, I know quite a few of those who were and I know them to be godly men and women who are trying to find a godly bishop.

    I am glad that Dr. Harding is one of the nominees. I anticipate that, when the election is over, Dallas will have a wonderful suffragan Bishop.

    Phil Snyder