(Get Religion) Julia Duin on Martyn Minns, Jeffrey Steenson, TEC and the Anglican Ordinariate

About [former TEC Bishop Jeffrey] Steenson, his is an interesting side story because of the politics that got him elected as bishop in October 2004. He was running against five other candidates, one of whom was a northern Virginia cleric called Martyn Minns. Minns pastored the historic ”“- and sizeable ”“ Truro parish in Fairfax, Va., and looked as though he had the election wrapped up. Then Steenson’s name was put in late in the selection process and a more liberal coalition called Via Media was behind him. Steenson was also a local priest and he ended up winning on the third ballot. Minns was first runner-up.

Minns went in a different direction and got elected an Anglican bishop in the province of Nigeria in mid-2006. That gave him the ammunition to lead 11 Episcopal churches in northern Virginia out of the denomination later that year. His story is too long to go into here but I’ve always wondered what would have happened had Steenson been more honest about his bent towards Rome and refused to run for bishop. Had Minns been a bishop in New Mexico instead of pastoring one of the largest conservative parishes in Virginia, the formation of a powerful counter movement against the Episcopal Church might have gone in a different direction.

I’ve always thought that one reason for the American Anglican split-off from the Episcopal Church nearly a decade ago was not so much the election of a gay man as bishop of New Hampshire in 2003 although that was a huge factor. It was also the politicking that went on in numerous dioceses where qualified conservative candidates for bishop were foiled by liberal groups who found less-qualified moderate candidates to beat them. Northern Virginia was full of such conservative leaders whose orthodox theological stances made them unelectable and there were a lot of priests like them around the country.

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3 comments on “(Get Religion) Julia Duin on Martyn Minns, Jeffrey Steenson, TEC and the Anglican Ordinariate

  1. MichaelA says:

    So what has happened to Msr Steenson – is he just retired, or moved to another position?

    Also, is Bishop Lopes a former Anglican, or if not, is there anything in his background that is seen as particularly apposite to this role? (that’s not a criticism, just curious).

  2. Terry Tee says:

    Michael, bishop-designate Lopes is a cradle Catholic. You can find the answer as ever in Wikipedia:

  3. MichaelA says:

    Ahh, should have thought of that! Thanks Fr Tee