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Food for Thought on a Sunday–Jonathan Edwards on the Suffering of Christ in Gethsemane

The agony was caused by a vivid, bright, full, immediate view of the wrath of God. The Father, as it were, set the cup down before him…he now had a near view of that furnace into which he was about to be cast. He stood and viewed its raging flames and the glowing of its heat, that he might know where he was going and what he was about to suffer.

Christ was going to be cast into a dreadful furnace of wrath, and it was not proper that he should plunge himself into it blindfold, as not knowing how dreadful the furnace was. Therefore, that he might not do so, God first brought him and set him at the mouth of the furnace, that he might look in, and stand and view its fierce and raging flames, and might see where he was going, and might voluntarily enter into it and bear it for sinners, as knowing what it was. This view Christ had in his agony…Then he acted as knowing what he did; then his taking that cup, and bearing such dreadful sufferings, was properly his own act by an explicit choice; and so his love to sinners was the more wonderful, as also his obedience to God in it.

If just the taste and glimpse of these sufferings were enough to throw the eternal Son of God into shock, and to nearly kill him in the anticipation of them, what was the actual, full experience of those sufferings on the cross really like?

–From his remarkable sermon Christ’s Agony and quoted by yours truly in the morning sermon (my emphasis)

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Prayers for the Diocese of South Carolina This Day

Pray for the women of the Diocese as they gather at St. Christopher for their annual retreat October 25-27. It’s a time for fellowship, teaching, rest and restoration. This year Bishop Mark Lawrence will be speaking on “Gift and Giver: Life in the Spirit.”

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Photos from Kanuga Conference Center this Morning

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A Prayer to Begin the Day from Daily Prayer

O GOD, who art love, giving all things freely, and bearing with longsuffering the ingratitude of thy children: Draw us near to thee, not through fear of thy displeasure, nor through hope of reward, but through the love wherewith thou hast loved us; in Jesus Christ our Lord.

—-Daily Prayer, Eric Milner-White and G. W. Briggs, eds. (London: Penguin Books 1959 edition of the 1941 original)

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From the Morning Scripture Readings

For your loving-kindness is better than life itself; my lips shall give you praise.

–Psalm 63:3 (Coverdale)

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