Breaking News: C of E Synod ACNA members Motion Gains Over 100 names, Including Six Bishops

The Six Bishops Are:



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6 comments on “Breaking News: C of E Synod ACNA members Motion Gains Over 100 names, Including Six Bishops

  1. Jeremy Bonner says:

    So far a largely high church episcopal phalanx, if I identify the sees correctly. I wonder what +Tom Wright is thinking.

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  2. Chris Taylor says:

    I’m surprised Fulham isn’t on this list – yet!

  3. Dan Crawford says:

    Jeremy’s question is very much to the point: Just what is the Bishop of Durham thinking?

  4. First Apostle says:

    #2: Unless I misremember here, part of the arrangement with the Bishop of Fulham is that he is not a member of the House of Bishops.

  5. seitz says:

    Having some direct experience of the CoE, disapproval of TEC does not translate immediately into support of ACNA. That oughtn’t to worry anyone. But it is to say that failure of lots of conservative/reliable Bishops to list their names here is to do with where the real focus is. The major concern of conservatives in the CoE is TEC’s deportment and the impact on the Communion and CoE. It is a good thing that RDW is under no illusions about what D025 means. At issue is what happens when the HoB in TEC supports this or turns it back (which seems more likely). If the latter, then things remain murky. What will TEC idealogical liberals then do, including Bishops who will favour D025? To hear the president of the HoD speak, you’d think what the HoB does or does not do is not all that decisive. Will individual Bishops therefore proudly break ranks and go on record as moving ahead with the logic of D025 anyway? Much to watch and pray about.

  6. Betty See says:

    Seitz-ACI, post 5,
    What indications do you have that “RDW is under no illusions about what D025 means.”. Has the Archbishop of Canterbury made any statements that give you the impression that he understands what D025 means?