Don't cut rural mental health provision, urges Archbishop Williams

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams said today that the provision of mental health services in the countryside must not be cut under the current Government Comprehensive Spending Review. He said this was his greatest concern when looking at the possible shrinkage of services in the rural communities.

He described mental health problems in rural areas as “a huge problem”, where the isolation and hidden depravation are significant problems. Describing the burden placed on voluntary support services as already extreme, he said this provision must remain.

Dr Williams also spoke of the ‘opportunity and challenge’ for the Church to get across to those driving the Big Society what is already happening in the countryside through the rural church and community groups.

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7 comments on “Don't cut rural mental health provision, urges Archbishop Williams

  1. A Senior Priest says:

    Sheesh? Could he EVER just simply teach the basic Truths of the Christian Faith? I am absolutely convinced that he doesn’t -avoids- actually teaching the basics of the Faith because no matter what he says somebody is going to strenuously disagree with him. But at least we would have an idea who this person who is supposedly ‘deep’ and intellectual’ and ‘spiritual. Has Rowen taken over the rather -sorry to say- essentially externalistic role of Desmond Tutu? Must he always hector people? Tiresome.

  2. robroy says:

    Breaking: Rowan Williams makes statement actually pertaining to the Church of England – the population is astounded.

  3. montanan says:

    #1 – plenty to criticize here … and your point is well-made. However, he does an amazing job of teaching the essentials of the faith when he chooses to do so. Look for his Christmas sermon 2008 [url=]here[/url].

  4. A Senior Priest says:

    The sermon is not a clear exposition of anything. It’s highly nuanced fluff and lends itself to practically any interpretation, comme toujours. Sorry, but nice feelings are not a sound basis for or -an explication of- doctrine. It’s this kind of sermonizing, parroted from pulpits throughout the land which make people see the CoE as nice people but not much more profound than the Vicar of Dibley. “God chose to show himself to us in a complete human life, telling us that every stage in human existence, from conception to maturity and even death, was in principle capable of telling us something about God.” Ooookaayyy…. so, Dr Williams precisely WHAT does this tell you about God? Who is Jesus? Do you hold an essentially Arian Christology? Just give me a straight up-or-down yes or no on that one. We’ll start there.

  5. robroy says:

    Well, I would disagree with Senior Priest about the Christmas Sermon. It points out that Christians naturally should protect the small and weak because God chose to become small and weak. It actually talks about having concern for the unborn (though he doesn’t have the courage mention the a-word). He was not trying to reassert basics of Christology in this sermon.

    But his exceptions are totally overwhelmed by his majority “nuanced fluff” together with his many leftist wanderings into secular politics.

    Pope Benedict has earned the right to speak about the Christian’s proper response to the world on this issue or that because Pope Benedict keeps his eyes on the prize.

  6. tgs says:

    Church or State. Who’s really responsible for the needy?

  7. Creedal Episcopalian says:

    [blockquote] ..hidden depravation are significant problems[/blockquote]

    In contrast to the communion at large, I suppose, where OPEN depravations are the significant problem.